The Ocean Child


LONDON 1920.

The world is slowly recovering from a war that has changed everything, and the future looks bright for the talented sculptress, Lulu Pearson.   But on the eve of her first London exhibition she receives a mysterious letter from Joe Reilly, a racehorse trainer in Tasmania, informing her she is the owner of a promising yearling, Ocean Child.   Despite all Lulu’s denials, she is forced to accept the gift of the colt, and sets out for Tasmania in search of her anonymous benefactor – but her quest will alienate her great-aunt and guardian, Lady Clarice Pearson – will force her to confront the vindictive mother who abandoned her and the father who had never been able to acknowledge her.

As the scandals and enmities of the past are revealed, and secrets aired, Lulu finally comes to understand who she really is – and, with the love of battle-scarred veteran Joe Reilly to sustain her, discovers that the past can no longer hurt her.


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