Matilda's Last Waltz


For Jenny, Churinga, a remote sheep station in the Australian Outback, is a parting gift from her husband, a gift he doesn't have a chance to give her himself. She learns of his legacy only after his tragic death. Not knowing where to turn for comfort and support, it seems only natural to travel to Churinga. She finds a harsh, unforgiving place but not without its own quiet beauty.

It also has it's secrets. Secrets that surround its former owner, Matilda Thomas. While admitting a grudging respect for her way with the land, Jenny's new neighbours seem reluctant to talk about Matilda. But the more time Jenny spends on the farm, the more she is aware of her predecessor's lingering presence. Then she discovers Matilda's diaries and finds herself drawn into a tale more shocking than anything she could possibly have imagined. And the deeper Jenny delves into the past, the more she wonders whether inheriting Churinga is a blessing or a curse ...

 An Australian epic in the tradition of 'The Thornbirds'. Matilda's Last Waltz was on the best-selling list in Germany and judged to be the Romantic Novel of the Year in Sweden. Matilda's Last Waltz was also Book of the Month in Finland and Australia.
The Australian Women's Weekly A good Australian saga that will keep you reading happily all day ... Book of the Month
Jani Brooks Romance Communications, Newport, USA One of the best written, most enjoyable books I've been privileged to review this year
USA Publishers Weekly Lush with intense descriptions of nature and tense drama
The Bookseller A mulit-generational saga in the vein of the Thornbirds.
Jesse Rowe, S. Africa This is a wonderful book, with stunning narrations and a gripping tale of tragedy, mystery and love.

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