Following in the pioneering footsteps of the women who have gone before her, Ruby and her new husband James have to brave a long and treacherous journey to start their lives together.

They soon discover that there are many more dangers than just those that meet the eye and when James is tempted away by the gold rush, Ruby must join forces with the Aborigine girl Kumali and learn to adapt if they are going to survive.

Meanwhile there are other new arrivals to Australia's shores: a Tahitian with a mysterious past, a naive young schoolmistress, and an Earl-in-waiting - all are unaware that their destinies are irrevocably intertwined.

As fortunes are made and lives are lost, many secrets will be uncovered. Until those torn apart by feuds, greed, hatred and circumstance ultimately find themselves united under the same flag ...

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Doubleday Entertainment, Australia Storytelling sensation Tamara McKinley continues to mine the rich vein of Australian history, from the gold rush to Gallipoli.
In her follow-up to A Kingdom For The Brave, she steals hearts then breaks them as her heroine, Ruby, forges a new destiny thousands of miles from home. But her world is torn apart when her husband James is tempted away by the gold fields. Survival means joining forces with Aboriginal girl Kumali. And with the arrival of a mysterious Tahitian, a naive young schoolteacher and an English aristocrat, she begins to build a new life for herself. Fortunes are made, feuds simmer, lives lost and secrets uncovered, but ultimately all who share the wide brown land will have to unite ...
The Adelaide Advertiser Tamara McKinley brings us Legacy which is set in the gold rush days of early Australia. This author is very popular and is bringing Australian fiction much more to the fore.
The Leader A must read!
Newcastle Herald McKinley, remembered for Lands Beyond the Sea and A Kingdom for the Brave will now be known for her Legacy.  In the way of all great epics, this novel spans the northern and southern hemispheres, from old England to the floods and heat of Australia.  An easy and rewarding read.  McKinley appears to improve with each serving.
Weekend Gold Coast Bulletin Boldly told and rewarding.
The Bookseller, UK Big, sweeping historical drama of hopes and hardships during the Australian gold rush, from the author of Matilda's Last Waltz.  She is one of my reader's favourites, certainly on a par with Lesley Pearse.
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