Jacaranda Vines


Jacaranda Vines had been one of the wealthiest corporations in Australia. Now Joseph Witney, the tyrannical head of the family, is dead and Jacaranda Vines is at crisis point.

Joseph's widow, Cordelia, is determined not to sell. If she can persuade her granddaughter, Sophie, to change her mind then, together, they might have a hope of winning over the other family members. Sophie agrees at least to accompany her grandmother on a road trip to the Hunter Valley, site of the company's first vineyard. But, in order to get Sophie to understand exactly what she is fighting for, Cordelia must confide both family secrets and ancient history. She begins her story with Rose, a young girl running from her native England hoping to find a new life in the wild unknown of Australia ...


Following the worldwide success of Matilda's Last waltz, Tamara McKinley's second Australian epic, Jacaranda Vines established her as a leading romantic novelist. From the Sussex Downs in the 1930's to modern day Australia, Jacaranda Vines traces the lives of several generations of the unforgettable family that founded one of the wealthiest wine corporations in Australia.
Ann Timblick, Editor, Escape Fiction The sense of place and the entwining of past and present make this a truly wonderful read
Oklahoman Never in your wildest imagination will you guess the ending to this enthralling story

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