Lands Beyond the Sea


It is the 1700s.  The Aborigine has lived in spiritual harmony with the land in Australia for sixty thousand years.  Now the ghost-men come in their ships and the Aborigine's very existence is threatened by this terrifying white invasion.

When Jonathon Cadwallader leaves Cornwall to sail on the Endeavour he cannot know of the change it will make to his life, and to that of Susan, the sweetheart he has left behind.

Susan Penhalligan mourns everything she has lost to the sea.  But destiny will lead her far from home in Cornwall, where an act of brutality will bring her and Jonathon together once more in the raw and unforgiving penal colony of New South Wales.

Billy Penhalligan has survived transportation and clings to the promise of a new life and a new beginning.  But there will be more suffering before he or his fellow convicts can regard Australia as home...


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LANDS BEYOND THE SEA is a powerful romantic epic.  It weaves the lives of the Cadwalladers and Penhalligans into the untamed tapestry of newly discovered Australia, where the black, spiritual threads of the Aborigines are severed by the white invasion.


Lancashire Evening Post (18.6.2007) 

Australia provides the dazzling backdrop for a sweeping historical novel that combines passion with social conscience.

The reds, greens and golds of Down Under provide a brilliant spectrum of colour for Tamara McKinley's sweeping new novel of passion, intrigue and discovery during the terrifying white invasion of Australia in 1768. Jonathan Cadwallader is still a teenager when he sets sail on the Endeavour under the watchful eye of his uncle Josiah. He leaves behind his beloved Cornwall and his sweetheart Susan Penhalligan. Susan waits for three years but with no word from Jonathan she gives in to her family and marries the local vicar Ezra Collinson. The couple set off on their own mission to Australia and soon come face to face with Jonathan in the most shocking of circumstances.

Meanwhile Susan's brother Billy is transported to the penal colony of New South Wales. The white settlers are a mixed bunch - can they ever find a way to live in harmony with the Aborigine people who have called the land their own for 60,000 years? Story telling comes naturally to McKinley and her research is always immaculate. A sumptuous adventure story with an admirable social conscience.

Doubleday Entertainment, Australia Tamara McKinley, the exceptionally talented author of Dreamscapes, presents Lands Beyond The Sea – a powerful romantic epic that will seduce you from page one onwards.
Set in 1768 against a vibrant backdrop of the newly-discovered Australian colony, it tells of Jonathan Cadwallader who joins the Endeavour’s voyage for adventure, Susan Penhalligan who longs for her native Cornwall and mourns all she has lost, and Billy Penhalligan, a convict who hopes this is his new beginning. With romance, intrigue and tragedy awaiting them, these four settlers are set for a rocky Australian courtship!
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